Report Prompts - HRP1066

When running the Salary Comparison Report, users will be presented with six prompts to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results.

 Prompt #1: Select the key date for employment and salary information. This prompt is required. Data will pull as of the date selected and defaults to today’s date. A previous date or future date may also be selected.


Prompt #2: Select the employee group to filter based on union indicator if desired. This prompt is not required.

Prompt 2

Prompt #3: Select the staff type to filter by employee type. The prompt is required and defaults to “All Staff.”

Prompt 3

Prompt #4: Select one or multiple salary pay scale levels to be displayed. . This prompt is not required but will only display if an employee group selection is made. The prompt is not available when the FAS staff type is selected.

Prompt 4

Prompt #5: Search and Select Job Titles to display specific job titles or classifications in the report. Options presented in the selection box will depend on the text entered in the search box. This prompt is not required if you would like to view salaries across all job titles and classifications.

Prompt #5a: Enter a job title, classification, or key word in the search box to return values for selection.

 Prompt 5

Prompt #5b:  If desired, select the job title(s) classification(s) to limit the report. The selections returned are those job titles or classifications closely related to the text entered in the search box. The user can highlight a job title or classification in box #1, and select “Insert” to make the selection.  Multiple job titles or classifications can be selected.

Prompt 6

Prompt #6:  Select to view employees by years of service range. The ranges are in five year increments. This prompt is not required.

Prompt 7