About MSU Retirement Plans

The following resources are available to help new hires and current employees as you enroll or make changes to your retirement plans.

Available Retirement Plans
These resources provide information about the plans available at MSU.

How to Enroll or Make Changes to Your Retirement Plan
Step-by-step instructions about how to enroll with a new investment vendor, how to change your contribution percentage, investment vendor or cancel contributions, and how to change your investments.

Maximize Your Retirement Plan Contributions to the IRS Limits
The following information is provided as an outline to the IRS limits that apply to the MSU retirement plans and how to maximize your contributions.

Retirement Investment Vendors
Information and resources on current and former approved retirement investment vendors.

Retirement Planning Tools & Information
These resources include information about available education programs, webinars, online tools, and the Thinking of Retirement Checklist.

Take a Withdrawal or loan from Retirement Plans
Information on taking a withdrawal or loan from your 403(b) plan.