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Open Enrollment Toolkit for HR reps

Use the following tools/resources to help you prepare for and answer questions about Open Enrollment (October 1-31, 2019).

Where to Find Open Enrollment Resources

Visit the Open Enrollment webpage on the HR website to find the most up-to-date info, including links to the following tools/resources:

  • Open Enrollment guides for support staff and faculty/academic staff
  • ALEX virtual benefits counselor. Please note: Alex will no longer be available effective July 1, 2020. 
  • Detailed instructions on how to participate in Open Enrollment through the EBS Portal
  • A how-to enroll video
  • Instructions for how to add a family member or dependent
  • Dates/times for the Benefits Fair and HR Site Labs

We suggest you bookmark this page on your browser so you can easily find Open Enrollment info throughout the month of October.

What’s New for the 2020 Plan Year?

The following items are new for the 2020 plan year:

  • Increase to premium threshold for spousal affidavit: If a spouse/other eligible individual (OEI) has access to health care coverage through their own current or former employer, they must purchase the coverage their own employer offers if the annual employee premium cost for single-person coverage is $1,400 or less. This premium cost increases each year. A spouse/OEI may have MSU health coverage as a supplemental plan.
  • Dental – Aetna DMO co-pay changes for support staff: Support staff employees should note that some Aetna DMO co-pays, including orthodontics, have increased to ensure employees eligible for the plan continue to receive the full MSU contribution to the monthly premium rate. Co-pays have not changed for the Aetna Premium DMO plan. Find co-pays by plan in the Support Staff Open Enrollment Guide .

Additionally, please reference page 4 of the appropriate Open Enrollment guide (either support staff or faculty/academic staff) to see the new info referenced above plus other notable benefits info. Find the Open Enrollment guides .

Posters to Hang in Common Areas

Hang these posters in the common areas of your department (or send as an email attachment) to help advertise the Open Enrollment Benefits Fair and ALEX virtual benefits counselor:

An Open Enrollment Checklist

Do you have employees that need extra guidance navigating Open Enrollment? Consider sending them a link to this  Open Enrollment Checklist article , which helps employees ensure they are choosing the best benefits plans for their needs.

HR Staff Available In-Person for Open Enrollment Help

Employees can come see us in-person and enroll in their benefits on-site at the annual Benefits Fair on October 8/9 and HR Site Labs throughout the month of October. Find dates/times, location and parking information using the links below:

Special Instructions for New Hires During Open Enrollment

For new hires that start prior to Open Enrollment, please note they still need to complete Open Enrollment if they cover a spouse/OEI, to enroll in plans that need to be renewed each year (Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Dependent Care FSA) and/or make changes to plan selections made for plan year 2019.

For new hires that start during or after Open Enrollment, please note that they need to still complete Open Enrollment if they want to enroll in plans that need to be renewed each year (Health Care FSA, Dependent Care FSA) or make changes to plan selections made for plan year 2019. If they cover a spouse/OEI, they do not need to complete a new affidavit. Please have employees contact the HR Solutions Center to request an Open Enrollment link to enroll/make changes.

Special Instructions for ACA-Mandated Employees

ACA-mandated employee eligibility must be re-evaluated to determine if they are eligible to enroll or continue in the MSU health plan. In case these employees see other Open Enrollment materials, we wanted to remind you that currently they may not participate in Open Enrollment.

At the end of their measurement period they will be given an opportunity to enroll in, cancel or make changes to their health care benefits. If they are eligible, an email will be sent to their email account as well as a letter to their home explaining their enrollment period and plan options.

Questions?  We will be discussing Open Enrollment at the September HRConnect meeting on Wednesday, September 25 from 8:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the Nisbet building, room 10A. If you have Open Enrollment-related questions, please plan on discussing them at the upcoming meeting. Also, our HR Solutions Center team is always available to help at or 517-353-4434.