Criminal Background Check (CBC) Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs are provided to assist you during the CBC process. MSU utilizes HireRight to complete the criminal background check process. If you have additional questions not addressed below, please contact the HR Solutions Center at 517-353-4434 or

General CBC FAQs

Initiate the background check/degree verification as soon as possible, but no more than 6 months prior to the start date of the appointment.

The average turnaround time after a criminal background check has been submitted by them employee to HireRight is 5 business days. Delays in turnaround time do occur. Please allow at least one or two weeks processing time for each background check in the event of a delay. Additionally, a turnaround time of at least two weeks for a request that is submitted for a degree verification from an institution outside of the United States can be expected. Please allow for at least two to three weeks processing time in these cases.

If additional information is needed, the employee may be contacted directly by HireRight, or by a representative of MSU. These requests need to be responded to in a timely manner.

The earliest the background check can be completed is six (6) months in advance, after an offer has been extended and accepted. 

Yes, a CBC would be needed as the individual with dual citizenship in the U.S., would not be reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). compared to applicants whose citizenship, is not held in the U.S.

PageUp/HireRight Integration FAQs

Effective March 15, 2022, the Page Up Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be integrated with HireRight to allow the criminal background check to be initiated within Page Up. The following FAQs may assist during this transition.

Staffing Coordinators will receive an email when it is time to request the CBC.

  • For faculty/academic staff & executive management postings, the background check should be requested when the application status is “Hire documentation completed.”
  • For temp/on-call (non-academic) postings, the background check should be requested when the application status is “Draft Hire Form Created in EBS.”
  • For support staff or extension postings, staffing coordinators are not responsible for requesting background checks. The HR analyst will request the background check for these groups.

Yes. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the check box next to each applicant you'd like to request a background check for. 
  2. Select “Bulk move” from the “Select a bulk action” dropdown menu. 
  3. Continue to Step B. 

Note: When requesting multiple background checks, the same package will be used for all applicants.

No, you must select a package that you have access to in HireRight. Please note a full list of MSU packages will be presented to all staffing coordinators in PageUp. If you select a package that you do not have access to in HireRight, the background check will not be requested, and you will receive an error notification stating “User not found” for the selected package.

Contact your HR Analyst to see if an existing CBC needs to be cancelled.

This means that the applicant did not provide a country or state with their address when completing their application form. Select a country and state to proceed.

HireRight will send the invitation to the email address listed on the Applicant Card.

If an applicant was submitted by an agency the email will need to be changed from the agency email to the applicant email by the HR Analyst. 

Please contact your HR Analyst for assistance.

Please refrain from making any changes until after the CBC is complete. If this is an emergency, please contact your HR Analyst.

Navigate to the Job Card > Reports tab and click on the “Background check” report. For more information regarding what each status means, please review the PageUp Background Check Status Crosswalk resource, which is available on this page, near the bottom, under Additional Resources. 

The following information will be pre-populated in PageUp where it exists: 

  • First Name 
  • Middle Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Current Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip code, country) 
  • Phone 
  • Email
  • The invitation will expire in HireRight. 
  • HireRight will update the PageUp application status to “Background check in progress.”
  • HireRight will update the PageUp order status to “Expired.”
HireRight will request parental consent. The CBC order will not be created until parental consent is provided.
The online offer needs to be accepted by the candidate before proceeding to request a criminal background check.