Student Employment Manual

This Student Employment Manual provides information related to hiring and working with student employees. If you are not able to find the answer to your question here, please contact MSU Student Employment.

Definition of a Student Employee

A student employee is a part-time employee who is an active student at Michigan State University and whose primary purpose for being at the University is the achievement of a degree or certification. During summer semester, an individual may be a student employee if s/he has been admitted/readmitted and is active for summer or fall semester classes. Student employees are considered at-will employees, and their employment is interim or temporary and incidental to the pursuit of a degree or certification.

This definition excludes students who are employed as academic support personnel such as Graduate Assistants, Undergraduate Assistants, Assistant Instructors, and Academic Advisors. Questions concerning the employment of students in these categories should be directed to the Office of the Provost, the appropriate Vice President, or Dean.

Last Workable Days of the Semester

The last day students can work in the summer and fall semesters who are not active for the following semester will be the last day of the first FULL payroll period of the following semester.

The last day students can work in spring semester who are not active for summer or fall semesters is the last day of the payroll period that New Student Orientation starts in.


MSU Student Employment assists students in obtaining jobs to help defray the cost of a college education; to provide an equitable personnel-practices program; to efficiently bring together the available student work force with the jobs available; to provide students with career-related work where possible; and to provide an equal opportunity to all students seeking employment. MSU Student Employment functions include:

  • All student employee hiring;
  • Presenting workshops on various student employment-related topics;
  • Acting as a liaison to resolve student employee work-related concerns;
  • Coordinating the annual Student Employee of the Year Recognition Program;