Browser Limitations

Below are the constraints for the various browsers that are supported for the EBS Portal and HR/Payroll tiles.

Private Browsing

Relevant for: Edge, Chrome, Firefox ESR, Safari 

Private browsing, inCognito, and inPrivate browsing are not supported for HR/Payroll tiles in the EBS Portal. It prevents access to the browser's file system (a.k.a as the Z" drive") which is necessary to download files, especially spreadsheets.

Adobe Interactive Forms

Relevant for: Edge, Chrome, Firefox ESR, Safari

As of January 30, 2024, no new forms in the Adobe Interactive format can be initiated. The section below only pertains for HR/Payroll forms that were launched prior and not yet fully approved.
Several browsers do not support Adobe Reader as an add-in and therefore cannot be used with Adobe Interactive forms, listed below. Use Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode.
[Network Administrators: To configure Active Directory so that MS Edge can use Internet Explorer mode, use the document "Set up Active Directory to support Edge’s Internet Explorer mode".]
Mac users (and Linux, smartphones, tablets, etc.) have these options to initiate and approve forms:
    • Use the MSU Virtual Desktop
    • Install Windows using WMware (Parallels is not supported by the vendor) virtual machine
    • Use a Windows-based machine in their department

Learn More : Adobe Interactive forms and Mac


Relevant for: Chrome, Safari

Not all browsers have been tested with screen reader software.  Firefox ESR using the NVDA screen reader and Microsoft Edge using the JAWS screen reader are recommended.

More details about accessibility