Approvers' and Initiators'

HR Security Roles

Use this report to view HR/Payroll roles and the employees associated with that role.  Roles included are:

How to Search

This report can be used to find:

  • Whether a particular person (based on Net ID) has the the Approver role, allowing for forms to route to them in the HR/Payroll Inbox.
  • Whether a person has an Initiator role, allowing forms to be prepopulated when a hire is made in PageUp and placed in their HR/Payroll Inbox for the relevant employee type.
  • Find all who, in an Organization, hold any of the relevant roles.
  • Find all who can make approvals for an Organization.
  • Combinations of the above.

This can be narrowed down by:

  • Approval Level
  • Organizational unit to which the person belongs
  • Organizational unit of the approvals they can make
  • The type of employee whose forms can be approved
  • Whether or not the person is the Primary Approver

How to Sort and Group Search Results

  1. Once your search results have been returned, click the "gear" icon above the search results section.  A new screen will appear. You can add, remove, or rearrange columns, as well as set a sort order for the results.
  2. By clicking a column header...
    1. you can resort the table by that column
    2. you can set the column to "freeze", which means that if the table is wider than your computer screen/monitor, that column and all to the left will remain on screen, and the scroll bar will apply to all columns to the right.

Export to Excel

Click "paper with graph" icon above the search results section.

  1. Export fetches data from the server and opens in Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Export As gives you the option to either:
    1. Split cells with multiple values, which will separate Organizational Units and their codes into two separate columns. (For example "10070642-HUMAN RESOURCES" would become separate columns for the Organizational Unit code ("10070642") and the Organizational Unit Name ("HUMAN RESOURCES")
    2. Include filter settings creates a separate tab in the spreadsheet listing the criteria you entered in the filter area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when the department for the workflow routing has only a code and not a name?

This means there is an entry in the workflow table for a department that is no longer active, or never existed and was erroneously entered.

Why do I see people who are withdrawn in the list?

There are generally two reasons for this:

  • The person holds more than one position at MSU (i.e. concurrently employed), and one of the assignments is withdrawn, but another one is still active.
  • The person has left the university and should have that role removed.

Before removing a person's access, search based on their MSU NetID to make sure you are removing roles for the proper department.