student vision insurance

Michigan State University offers students comprehensive vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). 

VSP Plan Summary

VSP Customer Service: 800-400-4569

Website for enrollment:

Who is Eligible?

  • International students
  • Medical students
  • Veterinary students
  • MSU College of Law students (who are actively attending classes on campus)
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are in a degree program or Completing Certification
  • Fellowship students
  • Lifelong Education students (taking one or more credits)
  • English Language Program students
  • Graduate assistants with 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 appointments (eligible for tuition waiver)

Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents of students enrolled in the plan: 

  • Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Children
  • Stepchildren 

Note: Dependent children must be under age 26.


New Enrollees Open Enrollment: You may enroll at any time.

Coverage Effective: The first of the month following enrollment 

If you have questions regarding student vision insurance, please contact MSU Human Resources at 800-353-4434 or email


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