Required Training For New Employees

All new support staff employees are required to take an online course through elevateU to learn about the Performance Excellence process. There is a course for supervisors and one for employees

Access the Required Training for New Employees:

  1. Log in to the  EBS Portal .
  2. Select the My Career & Training tab.
  3. Select the elevateU tile.
  4. From the upper left corner of the window, select Library.
  5. Select MSU Highlighted Programs from the expanded menu.
  6. Select MSU Custom Content from the next menu.  
  7. Choose the Performance Excellence Custom Channel
  8. Under Performance Excellence, select the appropriate course option (Employee or Supervisor).
  9. Click the Launch button when you are ready to take the class.

NOTE: If you are unable to access EBS, you can  login to elevateU here  with your NetID and password.

Learning Opportunities

elevateU Online Learning:
elevateU is a free online learning platform for MSU employees that offers courses, books and videos to assist with skill building. There are resources that cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Difficult conversations at MSU series
  • How to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Communication essentials
  • Developing your emotional intelligence
  • How to implement and adapt to change
  • Setting goals

LEARN MORE:  Watch a video on how to use elevateU .

Instructor-led Courses 
Organization and Professional Development offers a variety of instructor-led courses that are interactive opportunities to build skills to help reach performance goals. Sign up for a range of courses, including:

  • Building Cohesive Teams
  • Everything DiSC: Management
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Creating and Sustaining a Positive Workplace
  • Process Mapping series

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