Annual Review Form Instructions

Important Update : supervisors can find tips and resources for conducting and completing the Annual Performance Review during this period of remote work.  Find resources and tips here.

Use these instructions to help you fill out the Annual Performance Review Form for your employees. You should complete this form after you have the Annual Review meeting with your employee and send it to MSU HR before the due date.

Identifying Information

Complete the identifying information. You can find the Personnel Number (PERNR) by logging in to the EBS Portal, clicking Supervisor Tools, then My Team. The number listed next to each name is the Personnel Number (PERNR).

Annual Review Meeting Checklist

Be sure to check off each component of the Annual Performance Review meeting with your employee as you complete it.

Overall Performance Level

Identify a performance level for the year’s work. Considerations include the degree to which they met general expectations for the position, behavior, attitude, teamwork and accomplishments of goal and development plan items.

There are four performance levels: Does Not Meet Expectations, Developing, Meets Expectations and Exceeds Expectations. Guidelines for each level are on the Annual Review Form. If you have a different rating system for your department/college, talk with your HR unit representative about how the two rating scales relate. A level must be selected for this form to be considered complete.

Note: If you plan to select “Does Not Meet Expectations”, a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) will need to be completed, signed and submitted to HR along with the Annual Review Form. The review period for the PIP lasts 90 days, with required feedback at 30 and 60 days. You should contact their unit HR representatives and/or MSU Employee Relations as needed for assistance with PIP goal setting. Once the PIP timeframe is complete, you and the employee then resume the cycle and complete the Performance Planning meeting in looking at the remainder of the year ahead.

Rationale for Performance Level

  • Supervisor Comments: Comment on your overall observation of the employee’s work over the course of the year.  This may include major accomplishments, new endeavors, strong skills that were demonstrated, ability to work effectively with the team and specific areas that need improvement. Comments should be objective, professional, specific and speak to why you chose that performance level. Additional comments can be attached, if needed.
  • Progress on Goals/Development Plan: Document whether they met their objectives and why or why not. If they didn’t meet them, were there valid reasons?
  • Employee’s Comments: Give the employee the chance to write in comments either at the meeting or to return to you at an agreed upon time. If preferred, they can also submit an additional typed statement to attach to the Annual Review. Comments are optional.

Annual Review Due Dates and Special Circumstances

Completing the reviews and planning meetings on time is very important. If a review is received 10 or more months past the scheduled Annual Review due date, it will be counted toward the next year and the previous year will be considered incomplete. You can complete the review early, as long as it is not more than two months prior to the due date.

Employees will be provided a new Annual Review date if a situation arises causing a change in responsibilities or expectations, including a new position in the same unit. Review date changes can be requested for special circumstances such as a leave of absence for the employee or supervisor, a new supervisor who needs more time to assess, or a clear business need. Probationary employees need to complete their probation before a unit can change their review date.

Sign and Send the Annual Review Form

Once the form is completed and the meeting has been held, both you and employee sign and date the form. The signature verifies that the meeting took place, not that there is agreement with the outcome.

Based on your department's guidance, you can either scan and email the form to MSU HR at  or send to your department/college level HR representative.