Sample Goals for Different Roles

Use the following samples to help give you ideas for performance/development goals for your employees. Discuss these goals with your employees during the Performance Planning meeting or throughout the year.

Sample Development Plan Goals
  • Meet with _________ as needed for cross training on use of _______system, to assure the ability to use the system independently by (date).
  • By (date) lead a discussion at staff meeting to strengthen public speaking skills.
  • Take the Essentials of Project Management workshop on (date), report what was learned to our team by (date), and apply the relevant concepts while implementing our (name of project).
Project or Event Planning
  • Develop a new form for customer requirements gathering and submit for approval by (date).
  • Host (number) customer focused events by this (date).
  • Use the online document management software program for 100% of company construction projects this year.
  • Complete all project paperwork fully and on time.
  • Provide all current customers documented weekly status updates.
  • Conduct a 10 minute stand-up meeting daily with direct reports to discuss project status/issues.
  • No chargeable incidents or avoidable injuries in the review period.
  • Complete 100% of required safety training during the review period.
  • Wear personal protective equipment at all times on the job site.
  • Conduct all required preventive maintenance activities on _____ each month and document the completion of the work in the monthly log on the day it is completed.
Customer Service
  • Achieve yearly average of 90% satisfaction on customer service surveys.
  • Respond to all voicemail and email within 24 hours during the business week.
  • Close a minimum of ____ customer tickets each week.
  • Create a knowledge base, documenting all current procedures by (date).
  • By (date), identify three metrics that will define success for _____ program.
  • On an ongoing basis, report on the ROI of _____ program by the 15th of every month.
  • By the first Friday of every quarter, provide the executive team a status update for ______ project.
  • Write a procedure manual for ________ and present it to the team for approval by (date).
  • Write a social media policy that discusses what employees should not do on social media and what employees should do on social media. Have the legal department approve it by (date).
  • Lead the assessment and rewriting of the current website content in order to optimize for SEO. Develop, revise, and rewrite by (date).
  • Perform an accessibility assessment and make needed changes on all new websites prior to launch.
Program Maintenance
  • By (date), create a program launch checklist. Make sure to list each task, assign a task owner, and set due dates.
  • Maintain a list of all participants who are officially enrolled in ______ program. Update it weekly by 5 p.m. on Friday.
  • Conduct at least two advisory committee meetings during the review year. Distribute minutes from each meeting to participant and follow up on any action items.
  • Conduct a program participant survey (with a sample size of at least 100) by (date) for the purpose of identifying and implementing at least one program enhancement by (date).
  • Reconcile financial statements by the 10th of each month.
  • Run financial report on (X) and distribute to all members of leadership team by Friday each week.
  • Encourage and support staff professional development, as evidenced by all staff participating in at least one instructor led or online course during your review year.
  • Complete all employee performance planning meetings (with goals and development plans) and annual review meetings and submit required documentation by set due date.
  • Review student time sheets for accuracy and compliance and submit to payroll by established deadlines.
  • Schedule and conduct monthly staff meetings. Provide an agenda for each meeting and assure that minutes with action items are distributed within three days after each meeting.
Time Management
  • Maintain your work schedule in Outlook to achieve zero double bookings throughout the review year. Share schedule with supervisor and team members by (date) to assist with improved communication.
  • Arrive and begin work by the start of shift each day. Call/text supervisor prior to start of shift if unable to do so.
  • Ensure 100% compliance with research protocols and safety guidelines for each project.
  • Form a collaborative, cross-departmental committee of 5-8 employees to increase understanding and communication related to ________ process. Hold meetings at least quarterly.
  • Remove snow from and salt/sand walkways at assigned buildings at start of each shift.
  • Research available electronic CRM systems and write a report on your findings, including recommendations for moving forward by (date).
  • Check supply inventory bi-weekly, initial and date tracking sheet and re-order as needed to avoid shortages.
  • Maintain work flow in department by completing (describe specific activities) on a daily basis.