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On-Call and Temporary Hiring 

Beginning November 2020, MSU will require temporary and on-call (TOC) support staff jobs to be posted publicly, and postings will be processed through the PageUp applicant tracking system. This will ensure a more diverse applicant pool and help units monitor an employee’s concurrent employment and on-call hours. Please review the following updates/notes regarding future updates to the TOC hiring process:

  • The rules for hiring TOC employees have not changed, just the process for hiring.
  • Units will be able to see applicant pools immediately.
  • There would be no HR Analyst review, units will need to review posting language.
  • TOC positions will be required to be posted for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Exemptions include: student moving to a TOC position who has not graduated or registered for fall classes; graduate students with a start date prior to New Student orientation; recycled TOC employees rehired within 60 days (same title/MAU); TOC positions lasting 3 days or less; or TOC positions outside of the country.
  • Pool postings will be available for positions with the same title.
  • Units will handle the criminal background check process in HireRight.

In-person training opportunities and resources will be available closer to November 2020 to assist HR representatives, unit administrators and hiring managers in using the PageUp applicant tracking system for temporary and on-call job postings.


The following resources will assist you with hiring temporary and on-call employees.

Self-Service Temporary Hiring- for MSU Hiring Managers Only

Departments also can choose to manage the temporary employee hiring process independently through the EBS Portal. To process a temporary employee hire through the EBS Portal, an individual with an appropriate role in the unit, such as Unit Administrator, would initiate the hire.

Our self-service option is a good choice for units that want to handle their own candidate selection, hiring process, time entry and payroll processing for their temporary employee(s). If you have questions related to hiring a temporary employee through the EBS Portal, contact or 517-353-4434 or 800-353-4434.