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On-Call and Temporary Hiring 

MSU requires that temporary and on-call (TOC) support staff jobs are to be posted publicly, and postings are to be processed through the PageUp applicant tracking system. This ensures a more diverse applicant pool and help units monitor an employee’s concurrent employment and on-call hours. 

TOC HR Unit Administrator Role

The TOC HR Unit Administrator Role is available at IT Services eARM | Michigan State University. When submitting the eARM, you must select the appropriate organization code(s).

Other Updates

Staffing Coordinator permissions should be directed to the TOC team:

The EBS Tile: Post Temporary or On-Call Position in the EBS Portal, may not be visible, if users have personalized their EBS Portal landing page. In order to see the tile, the user would need to follow the steps below:

  1. Clear their browser cache
  2. Reset their personalization for that group (or manually add the tile)


Refer to the following HR webpage resources for in depth guidance on the posting process:

Tips & Reminders

HR Analysts do not approve or source TOC Postings

After the TOC position request routes and achieves unit/departmental approval, the Staffing Coordinator must:

1.Approve the posting in the ATS
2.Source the posting to Careers@MSU to enable application submissions


In circumstances where the start date requires changing the staffing coordinator should:

1. Withdraw the existing Draft Hire Form in EBS
2. Log in to the Applicant Tracking System
3. Change the applicant's application status to 'Hire Recommendation - Changes Made'
4. Update the Start Date on the Hiring Recommendation and 'Save'
5. Change the applicant's application status to 'Offer accepted' to confirm on behalf of the applicant that the new start date has been accepted
6. Change the applicant's application status to 'Re-initiate Draft Hire Form in EBS (old form must be withdrawn first)'

Additional Resources

The following resources will assist you with hiring temporary and on-call employees:

BI Report Help:

Self-Service Temporary Hiring - for MSU Hiring Managers Only

Departments also can choose to manage the temporary employee hiring process independently through the EBS Portal. To process a temporary employee hire through the EBS Portal, an individual with an appropriate role in the unit, such as Unit Administrator, would initiate the hire.

Our self-service option is a good choice for units that want to handle their own candidate selection, hiring process, time entry and payroll processing for their temporary employee(s). If you have questions related to hiring a temporary employee through the EBS Portal, contact or 517-353-4434 or 800-353-4434.