Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Filling Vacant Temporary and On-Call Positions


Applies to: University support staff positions

All temporary and on-call employment transactions are process through EBS. For guidance on processing a temporary or on-call form, please visit the EBS Help link at If you have questions related to hiring a temporary employee through the EBS Portal, contact

Employees requiring an Occupational Health assessment or physical capacity test such as 1585-type, nurses, etc., will need to successfully complete the tests before they begin working. A list of temporary titles is available to assist units in selecting the appropriate title.


Recruiting temporary employees:

  1. Selection can be made from the pool of candidates on file in MSU Human Resources Solutions Center. Contact a human resource professional for assistance to find a candidate or to recruit applicants if a selection cannot be made from the existing pool.
  2. If a candidate is not available, the unit may use a temporary employment contractor. A Direct Payment Voucher (DPV) is to be routed directly to Accounts Payable in the Controller's Office for payment of services.

On-Call Minors applicants:

  1. Obtains Work Permit from his/her high school and takes it to employing department for completion of Part I. The student completes Part II and then takes it back to school for completion of Part III.
  2. Takes Parent Consent form to parent or guardian for completion and signature.
  3. Returns completed Work Permit and Parent Consent form to hiring department.
  4. Submits appropriate documents to hiring department for verification of Immigration Reform and Control Act (I9).
  5. Hiring department completes hiring procedure on the web-based Temporary Hiring system and retains all information and copies of forms in their department.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources Solutions Center (telephone 517-353-4434)

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