tRAIN THE TRAINER: Conflict Management and non-Escalation

Vistelar, a world leader in conflict management licensing, training, and consulting, is facilitating a series of train-the trainer sessions designed to embed skilled de-escalation trainers across MSU’s campus. The goal of this course is to prepare participants to be able to confidently and competently provide instruction on the Vistelar proven methods to help others address the challenges of dealing with conflict and crisis.

This live, online train-the-trainer course will give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to train others how to better manage conflict with the following results:

  • Increased team safety and reduced liability.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and client outcomes.
  • Increased team productivity and morale.
  • Better interpersonal relationships.
  • More breakthrough innovations.

You will learn how to teach, guide learning, and provide valuable feedback and insight on how to:

  • Recognize difficult behaviors that may compromise safety.
  • Engage with others in ways to maximize safety.
  • Resolve disagreement and refusal and generate cooperation.
  • De-escalate verbal confrontations and crisis situations.
  • End interactions better than as they started and with a positive foundation for future contact.
  • Recognize when verbal methods have failed and it is necessary to take further action—and know what actions to take.

Employees may use available educational assistance funds toward this program’s fee.


This program is not available at this time.


1:00 to 5:00 p.m.