Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue (blended learning format)

HR Organization and Professional Development is excited to offer the new Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue Blended Learning series. Grounded in decades of research and recently re-engineered to address current challenges, the world-class training is now more inclusive, flexible and accessible than ever before.  

High performing individuals and organizations know how to hold crucial conversations — where emotions are strong, opinions vary, and the stakes are high. Learn powerful skills to help you speak up quickly, directly and effectively when it matters most, including moments of disagreement, risk or change.    

This series teaches techniques that allow you to make room for different opinions and perspectives, find mutual respect and common purpose, and dialogue openly. With these skills, you’ll not only work with others more effectively, but you can also help foster psychological safety and inclusion.  

Blended Learning Format  

This updated format combines engaging self-paced online learning with the opportunity to connect with fellow learners in live, virtual sessions for group work, sharing and support with a certified facilitator. Through bite-sized modules, online and virtual interaction, videos and articles, this flexible training is ideal for those juggling multiple demands and unpredictable schedules.  

Five, 90-minute live sessions, held weekly via Zoom, are complemented by access to an online training portal, a downloadable Participant Toolkit and an electronic edition of the best-selling Crucial Conversations® book.  

Active participation in all components of this series is required for successful course completion. Allow for up to two hours of self-paced learning between sessions to prepare for the next group conversation and practice. Confidential and private instructor support is available through the virtual learning platform.  

Employees may use available educational assistance funds to pay for this program.  


This program format is not currently available. 


1:00 to 2:30 p.m.


Kathie Elliott,  MSU Human Resources, Organization and Professional Development