Academic Specialist Handbook

(Revised in 2023 at the PDF link below) 

The Academic Specialist Handbook contains employment policies specifically related to employment as an Academic Specialist in the Academic Specialist Continuing Appointment System and as an Academic Specialist in a fixed term appointment. This document does not replace or modify other existing University policies, which remain in effect for all University employees. In circumstances where the Academic Specialist Handbook is silent on an issue, the applicable policy contained in the Faculty Handbook prevails.

For fixed term Academic Specialists covered by the Union of Non-Tenure Track Faculty (UNTF) bargaining unit, the terms and conditions of employment are governed by the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the UNTF. In cases where only a portion of the Academic Specialist's work duties and responsibilities are covered by the UNTF collective bargaining agreement, the specific facts of the individual case will determine the appropriate process to be used for investigations, discipline, and grievances. In these cases, and in situations where the UNTF agreement is silent on an issue, the Office of Employee Relations or Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs should be contacted to determine the appropriate course of action.

Please note: the integrated handbook below is out of date and will be updated in the future.

View a PDF of the current Academic Specialist Handbook here (Rev. 2023).