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Tutorial: Add Family Member or Dependent Form

The Add a Family Member or Dependent process is for adding dependents who are NOT already listed as family members or dependents in the system. To view existing family members and dependents on your record by log into the EBS Portal, select the My Benefits tab, and then select the View Family Members and Dependents tile. This will display all dependents listed on your record. If the dependent you would like to add is displayed, you do NOT need to complete the process to add the dependent.

Steps to Complete the Add a Family Member or Dependent Form

  1. Log into the EBS Portal using your MSU NetID and password. If you do not know your MSU NetID and/or password, please contact MSU IT at 517-432-6200.
  2. Complete two-factor authentication. If you have not registered for two-factor authentication, please visit this website for instructions.
  3. Click the My Benefits tab in the top navigation.
  4. Click the Add a Family Member or Dependent Form tile.
  5. Review the instructions and click NextNext Buttonh ) to continue. 
  6. Review the Employee Details and Address sections and click Next  ( Next Buttonh ). If the information is not correct, please contact Human Resources.
  7. Select the Event type from the drop down list. Enter the Event date. For Open Enrollment, use the date that you are completing the form. For all other events (birth, marriage, new hire, etc.) use the date of the event. Click Next  ( Next Buttonh )
  8. Enter the Dependent Details information. Select Dependent or Family Member type from drop-down list. Enter Dependent's first and last name, date of birth, social security number and select gender. NOTE: If the event is Birth the date of birth will be automatically updated with the event date. Check box if dependent/family member is disabled.
  9. Click Next  ( Next Buttonh ) to continue.
  10. Select Supporting Documentation from Attachment Type drop down list and select Browse to upload. For a list of required documentation, select eligible dependents and required documentation. If you do not have scanned copies of your documentation, you can email, fax, mail or bring documentation to the Human Resources office.
  11. Enter any comments you have in the New Comments section.
  12. Click Next  ( Next Buttonh )  to review your completed Add Family Member/Dependent Form.
  13. Review information for accuracy, then click Check.
  14. When you are ready to complete the form click Send. Once the Add Family Member or Dependent Form has been sent a confirmation email will be sent to you email account.
  15. If you have additional dependents/family members to add, select the "To add another dependent/family member click here" link.

Upon completion of the form, Human Resources will either approve or reject the dependent addition form with valid comments. You will need to complete an Add a Family Member or Dependent Form and supply documentation (birth certificate, marriage license, etc.) for each dependent you would like to add to your benefits plans. You will need to complete the Open Enrollment process in order to enroll your dependents in your benefit plans.

Questions? Contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or