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Family Sick Time Quota Balance

Have you found yourself wondering how MSU’s family sick time balance works? How is your sick time balance related to your family sick time balance? Let’s break it down.

First, what is family sick time? Basically, the university gives you paid time you can take to care for a family member or someone in your home. Exactly how much time and what qualifies varies depending on your union or the personnel policy. Find out here how your union defines family sick time. You get a certain amount of family sick time to use during a fiscal year, July 1 – June 30.

Is this separate from your sick time balance?
Technically, no. When you enter time in EBS, it appears separately, but any time you take for family sick will be deducted from the family sick balance AND your sick time balance. This means if you want to take eight hours of family sick time, you must have eight hours available in BOTH the sick time balance and family sick time balance.

Think of it this way – you earn sick time every pay period and of that sick time, you can use a set number of hours as family sick time. Your sick time can be used when you personally are sick or when you go to the doctor or dentist. If you use up all your family sick time, you should not be using any remaining personal sick time to cover times when you’re away from work to care for a family member or someone in your home. View the full policy for support staff here.

Example: Sue Spartan’s Time Balances
Sue Spartan gets paid monthly. She earns four hours of sick time every two weeks, and this time is added to her sick time balance at the end of the month. On July 1, Sue gets 80 hours of family sick time to use through June 30 of the next year. She has accumulated a sick time balance of 100 hours. Sue’s son, Sam, gets sick one day and she wants to take time off work to stay home and care for him. Sue will enter eight hours of time taken from her family sick time balance. Her updated balances will show 92 hours of sick time and 72 hours of family sick time remaining.