Layoff resources

Going through a layoff process can be confusing, overwhelming and frightening. If you've just been notified that your department needs to lay you off, you likely have a lot of concerns and questions.

It is our goal at Michigan State University to help you through the process by offering various support services and opportunities to ask any questions you may have about the layoff process. We are committed to providing you with information, support and assistance before, during and in the months after layoff.

Contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or to schedule an appointment to discuss how the layoff impacts your employment status with the university and any continued placement rights you may have.

Assistance Information

Union/Labor Association
Contact your union or labor association directly to find out what information and assistance may be available to you.

Employee Relations Unemployment Compensation
Contact Anne Czajkowski in MSU HR Employee Relations regarding unemployment compensation at 517-884-0103 or via  email at

Educational Assistance Program and Benefits
If you have questions regarding the Educational Assistance Program, please contact MSU HR at 517-884-0177.

To learn what will happen to your benefits you may review the Impact on Benefits.