PERSONALIZE: Settings in the EBS Portal

There are a number of ways to undo any changes personalization made to the landing page in the EBS Portal. 

Home Page groups of tiles

By default the Home page of the EBS Portal shows all tiles for all groups/tabs, which allows you to scroll to any tile. Alternatively, you can set the page to only show the tiles for whichever group/tab is selected in the top navigation bar.

  1. Click the person icon
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Go to the Home Page section
  4. Choose whichever value you desire:
    1. Show all content
    2. Show one group at a time
  5. Save

Alternatively, under the Appearance section, you may also want to reduce the scroll effect by setting the Animation to Minimal.

User Activities

The Recent Activity and Frequently Used can be turned on or off. You can also clear the history.

  1. Click the person icon in the page header
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Go to the User Activities section
  4. Answer "Track my Recent Activity and Frequently Used apps" Yes or No as desired
  5. Save

While on this screen, you can also press "Clear my history" to start with fresh lists.

Accessibility Options

(for people experiencing a visual impairment)

High Contrast Theme

The standard theme of the EBS Portal meets the criteria for proper contrast. However, exceptionally high contrast themes are also available. 

The SAP High Contrast White or SAP High Contrast Black themes do NOT apply to all pages in the EBS Portal. To force a high contrast on all screens, use the browser add-in of your choice.

  1. Click the person icon
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Go to the Appearance section
  4. Choose the desired theme:
    1. MSU1 Belize
    2. SAP High Contrast Black
    3. SAP High Contrast White
  5. Save
  6. Refresh your browser by either clicking clicking the Refresh or Reload icon, or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.

Accessibility Flag

This feature is ONLY for employees who use a screen reader such as NVDA or JAWS to hear the content of a page.

Turning this feature on will provide additional information to the screen reader.