PERSONALIZE: EBS Portal Landing Page

You have the ability to create a list of favorite tiles in the EBS Portal. 

Getting Started

Begin personalizing by going to the person icon in the page header to open the "me area." For all personalization begin by clicking the edit home page icon.

Add & Remove Tiles

Add tiles to it by clicking the large plus sign in any group. Tiles can also be deleted by clicking the "X" in the corner of the tile.

Change Tiles to Links

To save space on the landing page, you can change tiles to a smaller link. Links appear under the tiles in the same group. You may also want to do this if there are links that you want to de-emphasize, or even emphasize, depending on your preference.

From the "me area" go to the "Edit Home Page." From here you can either drag the tiles down into the link area, or use the menu on each tile to "Convert to Link." To restore a link to a tile, just drag it back, or use the menu again.

Note that when a tile becomes a link, it will no longer display:

  • The unique icon that was on the tile
  • Any additional information on the tile, like "New Window Opens"
  • The count of pending items, if there is one

My Home Group & New Groups

"My Home" is automatically created at the top and you can add tiles to it by clicking the large plus sign. Click the home button to go back and see your work.

You can create new groups besides the groups that are presented by clicking the "Add Group." Again return home to see the work. Go back to the person icon, exit the edit mode, and you can see the changes.

Rearrange Groups

Groups can also be arranged by going into "edit home page," then personalization mode, then by dragging groups around. Grab the group by the top and pull it to where you'd like to be located.