New Reports

Applies to:

  • Unit Administrators
  • Unit Time Administrators
  • Report Administrators
  • Supervisors

On July 26, 2023, several reports in the EBS Portal were updated. See the help pages links for each application:

Supervisors → Employee Data Report
Reminder of Dates
Upcoming Dates by Month
(replaced by Reminder of Dates)
Administrators → Employee Information
Reminder of Dates

Employee End Dates
(incorporated into Employee Information )

Missing or Broken Tile?

If, for the tiles listed below, you had personalized your EBS Portal Landing page (for example, if you created your own "My Home" or other section), you may have to remove the old (now broken) tile and add the new one(s).

See the page: Personalize: EBS Portal Landing Page

(Note, it is always recommended that you use the "Edit Home Page" option to add tiles to custom groups rather than dragging tiles between groups.)


Supervisors have an updated "Employee Data Report."

The "Upcoming Dates by Month" tile has been replaced by the "Reminder of Dates" tile.


Unit Administrators, Unit Time Administrators, Report Administrators

The Employee Information and Reminder of Dates reports were updated to a new format. 

Additionally, the "Employee End Date" report has been removed, and incorporated into the Employee Information Report. A specific layout for Employee End Dates can be added to make using this feature of the report with greater ease.

  1. Open the "Select Views" dropdown
    Screenshot of Select Views dropdown
  2. Choose the "Manage" button
  3. In the window that opens, choose "Add as Favorite" for each report view you'd like to have
    Screenshot of Favorites options
  4. Then choose the "OK" button. 
  5. When you click the "Select View" dropdown again, the chosen views will be listed for you to select and use.
    Screenshot of updated Select Views dropdown