MSU Shares Pledge Form


  1. Enter the total amount to pledge for the year in the TOTAL GIFT AMOUNT field.

  2. Select a Payment Method.

  3. If you would like to continue your pledge for future years, Select checkbox next to 'Please renew my gift each year.'

  4. If you choose to designate your donation, please see Options 1, 2, and 3. For Options 2 and 3, a minimum $50 is needed for each organization chosen.

  5. Click Submit Form.

After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application.



What are the ways to pledge?

There are two ways for people to make a pledge:

  1. Employees can use the HR/Payroll system to fill out the electronic pledge form.
  2. Employees and Retirees can fill out a paper pledge form by downloading from Make A Pledge.

What form of compensation can I use?

Employees can make their donation by payroll deduction; being billed by the United Way; or sending cash, check or credit card payment.

Retirees can send cash, check or credit card payment.

Is my money safe?

To ensure that your money is safe, the United Way has put together a "Blue Ribbon Commission", which is a more controlled method over United Way's financials.

Can I have a tax deduction for my pledge?

You may have your pledge tax deducted. Those who are able to itemize their federal tax deductions can deduct all donations made through the United Way. That is because:

  1. The Capital Area United Way itself is a tax-exempt organization.
  2. MSU Shares requires that any organization you wish to support as part of the MSU Shares must be a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Everyone should consult with their tax consultant to be sure they are eligible of course, but Capital Area United Way is a tax-deductible entity by state and federal regulations.

Is MSU Shares a nonprofit organization?

MSU Shares is NOT an organization. It is a program of Michigan State University.

Why is there a minimum pledge of $50 when I choose to donate to a specific charity?
This link will help answer the question above.

How much of the money goes to the charity I choose?

Approximately 85.5% goes directly to the charities of your choice. Only a small percent (15.5%) stays with United Way to help offset cost.

What if I do not designate a charity for my pledge?

The United Way uses MSU Shares volunteers to determine which local charitable organizations receive the funds. The United Way is aware of the needs in the community and the organizations that take care of those needs.

I already donated to MSU; do I have to donate to this campaign?

MSU Shares is not part of MSU. Making a pledge to MSU Shares will help individuals or nonprofit organizations that are struggling in the Tri-county area.

I do not live in the Tri-county community; should I still pledge?

People who do not live in the Tri-county area are encouraged to donate to their local chapter of the United Way if they deem that a more responsible use of their donations.

I am limited on financial resources; do I have to pledge a huge amount?

For payroll deduction, the lowest you can pledge is $24. If you want to send in lower amounts, sending cash or check can be any amount.

Where do I obtain a pledge form?

You can download a pledge form from Make A Pledge page.

Mail the form:

Michigan State University
MSU Shares
Administration Bldg.
426 Auditorium Rd, Room 140
East Lansing, MI 48824

How to I make a pledge online?

Please go to MSU Shares Online Instruction Form page for assistance on making a pledge online.

Can I give to my church through the MSU Shares campaign?

You can donate to any non-profit organization. Money donated through the campaign and collected through payroll deduction is paid to the Capital Area United Way who then in-turn handles disbursement of monies donated to each organization. There is a small handling fee United Way deducts from donations to cover their overhead and campaign costs.

If I designate my gift to go to a particular United Way Participating Organization, who decides what program my gift supports?

The organization itself determines how to use those funds.

I would prefer to pay on my pledge once a year in October or November. Can the Capital Area United Way bill me in October for my pledge?

Yes. Just indicate on your pledge form under "Bill Me", in the "Other" option that you'd like to be billed in October.