Cost Redistribution – Salary Paid Employees


  1. Enter a Personnel No.; press Enter to populate employee and selected assignment information.
  2. To verify the correct assignment if there is more than one, click Assignment Overview. Select the correct assignment, then click Ok.
  3. Double-click New Distribution Change in the action screen on the left.
  4. Indicate the date range to view pay records. If a To date is not entered, the system will default the end date to 12/31/9999.
  5. Press Enter. A Reason Code field appears between the employee information and the date range. Enter or Choose C1-Funding Change or C2-Administrative Error.
  6. Double-click New Distribution Change from the action screen on the left. A list of pay records within the entered date range appears on the right.
  7. Highlight a pay record to be updated.
  8. Double-click New Distribution Change from the action screen on the left.
  9. Click on the New Distribution tab on the right side.
  10. Enter a start date and end date for the funding line.
  11. Enter a Wage Type if other than 1000 (base salary).
  12. Enter the Amount to be charged to the fund.
  13. Enter or choose a Fund.
  14. If applicable, choose a WBS element (sub-account). NO_SUB-ACCOUNT defaults if field is left blank.
  15. If applicable, choose a Cost Center (sub-object code) and/or Order (project code).
  16. If applicable, choose a Functional Area other than the default of 99999999.
  17. Repeat the above steps as needed for additional lines.
  18. Press Enter to have the system check your entries. It also populates the Wage Type and any Name columns for updated accounting line elements.
  19. Double-click on the Explanation Notes action screen on the left and enter notes on the change. Each line represents the space available for the notes.  For funding changes explanation notes are required.  If the change is to a contract and grant account and is more than 60 days retroactive, a comment is also required under 60 Days Late.
  20. When notes are complete, double-click on the Requested Change action screen on the left.
  21. Click Submit for Approval.  You must be at the Requested Change action screen in order to submit. 

After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application.  


To add an attachment

Word and PDF documents may be attached to the cost redistribution to be reviewed by approvers and from within the Pay Change and Cost Redistribution Activity report.

  1. Click the Attach graphic.
  2. Click the Import from native file system graphic. 
  3. Locate and select the file to be attached. Click the Open button.  
  4. Information Dialog box will appear when import is finished.  Click OK. 
  5. Click on document to attach and click Choose. The document is attached

To view an attachment

  1. Click on View Attach. The Attachment list window opens if the transaction has attachments.
  2. Double-click on the attachment you wish to view.
  3. If Information Dialog box appears, click OK.
  4. Click Open is message box below.
  5. When finished viewing the attachment, close the document window.
  6. Close the Attachment list window by clicking green check in the lower right corner. 

To delete an attachment

  1. Click on View Attach.
  2. Click on the attachment you wish to delete.
  3. Click the Delete graphic.
  4. Click the OK button to close the window.  

Adding Ad Hoc Approvers

Ad hoc approvers are optional and can also be added by the Workflow approvers. 

To add an ad hoc approver

  1. Click Add Ad Hoc Approvers.
  2. Choose an Ad Hoc Approver from the dropdown menu or type the NetID of the individual into the text field.
  3. Click Add Ad Hoc Approver. Up to two Ad hoc Approvers may be added.
  4. Click Submit to continue.
  5. To delete an Ad Hoc Approver, click the check box next to the approver you would like to remove. 

To view new distribution by period

  1. Click New Distribution Period Review tab. 
  2. Each unique funding period will be displayed by clicking on the arrows next to the dates in the top right corner above the funding lines. 

To view the effective change of the cost redistribution

  1. Double-click Resulting Change in the action screen on the left.
  2. Amount and funding changes (credits and debits) will be displayed by each unique funding period by clicking on the arrows next to the dates in the top right corner above the funding lines. 

To view original base pay and funding

  1. Double-click Original Data in the action screen on the left.  

To hold a cost distribution

  1. Click Hold to save the cost redistribution change and finish at a later time (will not save if incomplete or has already been held). Note this will lock the employee’s pay record from further changes until the record is released.