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How to Validate or Change the Name Display or Format

  1. Click My Personal Information.
  2. Click on Personal Profile.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Click Pencil.
  5. Review the Name Data and Name Format and validate that it accurately reflects the format chosen in the Name Format field.
    1. If the individual name data fields are correct, edit the Name Format field by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting the correct Name format.
    2. If the Name Data field does not display the name accurately, check the individual name fields (First name, Middle Name, Last Name) to ensure that the data entered in these fields is correct according to the field descriptions.
      1. For example: A last name could have been accidently entered in the First Name field, etc.
  6. If changes have been made, select Save and Back button located in lower right corner.

Please note - Legal Name fields cannot be changed here. If you have a legal name change, please contact Michigan State University Human Resources.