Current Benefits Participation 

This application displays participation in plans as of today.


  • Input date and click Display to view past or future enrollment.
  • Click Print (Printer icon) to generate a printable PDF Benefit Confirmation Statement.

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.


Microsoft Edge will not present a download or print icon, however, right-mouse clicking allows the document to be saved locally and then printed later.

Accessibility Tips

  • Browse mode is recommended for using this application.
  • Current benefits are displayed in a table, with the type of benefit plan in the first column.  This column is not read as a row header.
  • To change the time frame for the overview, enter a new date in the date field.  The reader will switch to focus mode.  Change back to browse mode, then use the B key to go to the "Display" button.