Current Benefits Participation 

This application displays participation in plans as of today.


  • Input date and click Display to view past or future enrollment.
  • Click Print (Printer icon) to generate a printable PDF Benefit Confirmation Statement.

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.


The printable PDF version of the benefits confirmation statement may work in different PDF viewers, but only Adobe Reader is supported.  Only Internet Explorer and Mac Safari support Adobe Reader.

Microsoft Edge will not present a download or print icon, however, right-mouse clicking allows the document to be saved locally and then printed later.

Accessibility Tips

  • Browse mode is recommended for using this application.
  • Current benefits are displayed in a table, with the type of benefit plan in the first column.  This column is not read as a row header.
  • To change the time frame for the overview, enter a new date in the date field.  The reader will switch to focus mode.  Change back to browse mode, then use the B key to go to the "Display" button.