Report Navigation (HRP991)

Tabs Overview

1) University Summary: The University Summary page shows university level statistics related to performance review status data (overall and by month), planning meeting completion data, and performance rating distribution.

2) Organizations Overview: The Organizations Overview page graphically displays overall performance review status data by major administrative unit (MAU).  Users have the ability to drill down into various MAU data, depending on security access.  Users will receive an error message when attempting to access drill down data in an MAU where access has not been granted.

3) Organization Summaries and Drill Down Org Detail: The Organizations Summaries page provides summary data for a particular MAU or department, depending on the user's access.  Users have the ability to drill down to organizational detail, which will provide employee specific data related to performance review status, due dates, supervisor information, and performance levels. Users can sort by employee/supervisor name, or filter by department, review status and/or performance level for further analysis.