SUmmary page - HRP1095

Performing a summary search will return a list of all employees that meet the organizational and enterprise structure selections specified in the prompts. By default, the Summary Page will be sorted in the following order: MAU, Department, Sub-Org, Last Name, First Name.

To change the sort order of the Summary page, click on the Sort by dropdown menu and select one of the following options:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Last Name, Job Title, Sub-Org
  • Job title
  • Personnel Subarea
  • Department, Sub-Org
  • Default (MAU, Dept, Sub-Org, Last Name, First Name)

To drill into the employment history for an employee, click on the employee's Person ID. The Detail Page for the employee will open in a new browser tab. The Summary Page will remain open in the same tab in which it was launched and can be accessed by navigating back to that tab.

Summary Page Columns:

  1. Organization Code - Name
  2. Department Code - Name
  3. Sub Dept Code - Name
  4. Person ID
  5. Personnel Number
  6. Professional Name
  7. Job Title
  8. Employment Percent
  9. Annual Salary
  10. Pay Scale Level
  11. Personnel Subarea Code
  12. Employee Group Name
  13. Employee Subgroup Name
  14. Contract Name
  15. Status Name
  16. Employment Status Name
  17. Continuous Service Date
  18. Time in Position Date
  19. Group Date
  20. Time in Level Date
  21. Retirement Eligibility Date
  22. Email Address