Drill Down Detail - HRP1097

The Drill Down Detail report (HRP1097) displays the past and future employment history of the selected employee(s). By default, the Drill Down Detail report will be sorted by Personnel Number (PERNR). There is also the option to sort by the action start date in ascending or descending order. Use the Sort by dropdown menu to select a different sort option.

Sort by:

  • Personnel Number (Default)
  • Action Start Date - Asc
  • Action Start Date - Desc

Additionally, the Drill Down Detail report contains two dynamic filters:

  • Action type
  • Reason type

The Action Type filter lists all actions on the employee record for the selected employee(s). The filter can be further refined by selecting an action reason type from the Reason type filter. For example, to locate all base pay changes due to merit, select ‘Change in Base Pay’ from the Action Type filter and ‘Merit’ from the Reason type filter.

Below is an example of the Employee Service Record by Person - HRP1097 report and the data columns provided.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

HRP1095 Detail

Report columns:

HRP1095 Report columns