Drill Down Detail - HRP1095

The Detail Page displays the past and future employment history of the selected employee(s). By default, the Detail Page will be sorted by Personnel Number (PERNR). There is also the option to sort by the action start date in ascending or descending order. Use the Sort by dropdown menu to select a different sort option.

Sort by:

  • Personnel Number (Default)
  • Action Start Date - Asc
  • Action Start Date - Desc

Additionally, the Detail Page contains two dynamic filters:

  • Action type
  • Reason type

The Action Type filter lists all actions on the employee record for the selected employee(s). The filter can be further refined by selecting an action reason type from the Reason type filter. For example, to locate all base pay changes due to merit, select ‘Change in Base Pay’ from the Action Type filter and ‘Merit’ from the Reason type filter.

Detail Page Columns:

  1. Person ID: An HR/Payroll system generated number linking a person to all of their assignments.
  2. Personnel Number: An HR/Payroll system generated number linking a person to an assignment. A person with concurrent employment will have multiple PERNRs but only one PERSID.
  3. Professional Name: The employee’s professional name as indicated in the HR/Payroll system.
  4. Action Type Code - Name: The type of action entered on the employee record in the HR/Payroll system.
  5. Action Reason Code - Name: The reason why the action was entered on the employee record in the HR/Payroll system.
  6. Action Start Date: The effective date of the action on the employee record.
  7. Organization Code - Name: The primary college or MAU in which the employee is assigned.
  8. Department Code - Name: The primary department in which the employee is assigned.
  9. Sub Dept Code - Name: The sub-org in which the employee is assigned (if applicable) .
  10. Job Title: The employee's primary job title or classification in which the employee is assigned.
  11. Employment Status Name: The employment status identifies whether the employee is an active or inactive employee, or withdrawn from employment at the university.
  12. Personnel Subarea Code: A further breakdown of the Personnel Area. The principal organization aspects of HR are controlled at this level, including work schedules, pay scales, public holiday calendar, and wage types.
  13. Employee Group Name: Union, Non-Union, Non-Employee/No Pay. The employee group allows you to divide your employees into groups and allows you to define their relationship to the enterprise. It classifies employees into general groups for processing of Payroll, Time and Benefits.
  14. Employee Subgroup Name: A further breakdown of Employee Group. All control features of the Personnel Structure are defined at the Employee Subgroup level including specific payroll calculations for hourly or salaried employees, work schedules, and benefit groupings.
  15. Contract Name: The work contract: Fixed Term, Tenure/Contin, Contract, Roll/Fixed Cntr(if applicable).
  16. Status Name: The faculty, academic staff, or executive manager's tenure or continuing appointment status (if applicable).
  17. Employment Percent: The percent of employment that the employee is working.
  18. Pay Scale Level: The number level signifying range of possible pay assigned to the employee’s job title or classification
  19. Hourly Rate: The hourly rate at which the employee is paid on an hourly basis (if applicable).
  20. Annual Salary: The actual base salary.
  21. FTE Salary: The base salary for a full year at 100% employment.
  22. Continuous Service Date: The date the employee was hired without any breaks in service.
  23. * Group Date: The date the employee entered the union (if applicable).
  24. * Time in Level Date: The date the employee entered the pay grade (scale) level.
  25. * Time in Position Date: The date the employee was hired/promoted/demoted/lateral transfer from a posting.
  26. * Retirement Eligibility Date:  The first day of employment in a benefits eligible position where the employee is earning credit (time and FTE service months) toward meeting one of the two minimum retirement requirements.
  27. Email Address: The employee's MSU email address (@msu.edu).