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Adoption, Birth or Legal Guardianship

Steps to follow in the event of a birth, adoption, or legal guardianship change.

  • Find out if you qualify for Family Medical Leave Act coverage. If you are eligible, and will be taking time off, let your supervisor know of your expected delivery or placement date 30 days prior.

  • Report any absences in the EBS Portal using the appropriate category. You may be eligible to use sick leave, vacation, family sick, compensatory or unpaid time to be with your child. You will need to report this time on the EBS Portal or through your unit level absence reporting system as FMLA, if it qualifies.

  • Complete your life event change online to add your dependent to your benefit coverage or to sign up for the Flexible Spending Account within 30 days of the event. Remember to provide MSU Human Resources with a copy of your dependent's birth certificate or official legal\court documents.

  • Change your Beneficiary Designation for your Life\Accident Insurance policies.

  • Contact your retirement investment sponsors directly to change your retirement plan beneficiary designation.

  • Find out what effect the qualified life event may have on changes to your childcare.

  • Contact MSU WorkLife Office for information on childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, MSU babysitters, and an activity fun guide.

  • Contact Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for information on counseling services that are available.

  • Provide the social security number to MSU Human Resources once you receive it. It is not necessary for you to wait for the social security number to enroll your dependent. If you miss the deadline for adding a new dependent to health, dental or FSA, you will need to wait for the next open enrollment period, which may be up to a year away.

  • Charge any time that you use for prenatal doctor's visits to FMLA.

  • Apply to the Social Security Office for a social security number for your new child.