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The following FAQs should help answer questions you have as HR professionals about the temporary wage reductions for faculty, academic staff and executive management, in response to the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Review additional FAQs for employees here.

Last Modified: August 6, 2020

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No, units will not need to submit salary reductions for individuals eligible for the temporary pay reduction. The pay reduction will be processed centrally.

Offer letter templates have been revised for Executive Management, Tenure System, Academic Specialist-Continuing System, and Non-UNTF Fixed Term positions. The offer letter templates can be found on the here. Additionally, for non-union fixed term appointments and hybrid fixed term appointments, an addendum to the fixed-term memo is required.

When determining the reduction percentage on the graduated scale, the actual salary should be used to determine the reduction percentage.

No, if an individual is no longer in the eligibility criteria for the temporary reduction, they will not incur any further salary reductions effective the date of change.

Yes, if an individual becomes subject to the temporary pay reduction after September 1, 2020, they will incur the salary reduction effective the date of change for as long as it applies.

Reduction calculators have been developed to assist units in determining the temporary reduction. View those calculators here. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact MSU HR.

Faculty and academic staff salaries that are at the salary minimum of their rank will be subject to the reduction. However, if as a result of the reduction the faculty or academic staff member’s salary is below $50,000.00 the reduction will cap is $50,000.00.