Non Fringe Research Assistant, Previous Stipend and Offer Letter Enhancements

Non Fringe Research Assistant Job:

The non fringe research assistant job is for post-comps (DD status) Ph.D. students during the summer semester with no SI (e.g., NO tuition benefit) that will provide a stipend.

 The following required conditions apply for this option:

  1. Research assistantship appointments only.
  2. NO concurrent Summer appointments with a TA or TE assistantship. 
  3. If this RA category is chosen, the student may not concurrently hold other RA appointments.
  4. Student must have held an immediately prior spring semester GA (any type), so that the student will continue health insurance coverage (which runs until August 31).
  5. Student must be classified with the Registrar’s office as DD status, e.g., Ph.D. completed comprehensive exams
  6. Student must be enrolled for one credit (for IRS/FICA purposes and MSU definition of “full time”), and there will be no charge for that credit to the Unit.

This new appointment type is open to domestic, permanent residents, and international students. The appointment may be ¼ or ½ time and at any level 1, 2, 3.  Due to FICA/Medicare Withholding policies, we cannot offer a fringe-free option at ¾ time employment.  We will offer a ¾ time employment option but it will include a 7.65% FICA/Medicare fringe relevant to the stipend.  The ¾ employment option will not include health and tuition fringe.  As usual, a student-signed copy of an appointment letter is required along with the appointment form.  Stipend amounts, as usual, depend on department, function and previous pay equivalent to the employment percent.