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faculty & academic staff recognition events

Academic Retirement Luncheon

The Office of the Provost hosts an annual luncheon to honor faculty and academic staff members who have or will be retiring in the current academic year. Past faculty/academic staff retirees are also invited to attend.

The President awards a diploma of merit to each current year retiree, and a photograph is taken. A keepsake booklet that includes a brief biography of the current year retirees is also distributed.

Service Recognition Reception for Faculty and Academic Staff

Michigan State University and the Office of the Provost take pleasure in recognizing years of service for faculty and academic staff. The University honors long term faculty and academic staff at an annual Service Recognition reception which is held in the fall. Faculty and academic staff are recognized upon completion of 25 years of service and at subsequent five year intervals.

Tenure/Promotion Recognition Dinners

Each fall the Office of the Provost hosts a recognition dinner ceremony in honor of faculty members promoted to the rank of professor and for those awarded tenure.