elevateu faqs

All benefit-eligible faculty, academic staff and support staff have access to elevateU.

Approach this like any other class, book or video. Have a conversation with your supervisor about the best way to handle professional development efforts. Looking up something in a book or watching a 5 minute video doesn’t take much time and might help you do your job better. If you plan to take a longer class, check with your supervisor about time, unit coverage, etc, just as you would if going to an instructor led class off site.

Access elevateU via this direct link or login to the EBS Portal using your MSU NetID and password. Click on My Career and Training in the top navigation, and then select the elevateU tile to launch the application in a new window.

An activity log and certificates of completion can be viewed from the user profile while logged into the system. 

1. Select your initials from the upper right corner of home page, this is the My Profile menu

2. Select Activity

3. An All Activity table will display which includes the titles of initiatied learning assets, the type of learning asset, the completion status, start date, end date, and highest assessment score if the course and assessment were completed. 

4. Select the title of the learning asset from this list to navigate to the learning asset's home page. 

5. Select the More actions menu button at the far right of each item in this list to access additional options. 

6. If available, course completion certificates can be downloaded by selecting View Certificate from this menu.

The global search bar at the top of the home page is the quickest way to navigate the content library. Enter a search term or key word and select Enter. A results page will be populated that can be further filtered and sorted based on the desired asset type and other related features. 

In addition to the global search, the upgraded platform offers a personalized and curated home page with recommended learning opportunitites for each individual based on their selected role and topics of interest. The role and topics of interest are selected the first time logging into the system but can be updated at any time.

Another way to navigate the learning content is to access the Library menu in the upper left corner of the home page. This will expand an large menu of options organized by type and topic of learning. Use this menu to begin drilling down further into specific curated learning playlists, journeys and more. 

Add learning assets to a personal learning Playlist for individual learning curation, management and access. A learner can create multiple personal playlists and add to them at any time. When viewing a learning asset that is to be added to a personal playlist, select the Actions menu option, represented by 3 virtically stacked dots, and select save for later (default playlist) or Playlist add/remove (for managment of custom playlists). 

Online learning provides a convenient professional development option that actually takes less time away from work than going off site to an instructor led class. Discuss with your staff any parameters you have regarding usage. For instance, you might want to have staff schedule time and clear it with you if taking an hour long class. This informs you of what they are working on and allows planning for coverage in the unit. You can also ask to see a certificate of completion for any courses taken. As always, the bottom line is whether or not the person is getting their work done and developing professionally. If they frequent online learning to expand their skills and are still completing their work on time, it is a win-win.
  • Category:  the top-level label in the Percipio library. By default you see the standard menu category: Skill Areas, where you can add your custom areas and subjects. You also see other categories for Certifications, Aspire Journeys, Career Journeys, Showcase, and Collections which are maintained solely by Skillsoft. You may also see a custom category for your company.
    • Custom category:  If you  configure a custom menu category, you can add custom areas and subjects specific to your organization.
    • Skill Areas:  The main category that contains all Skillsoft areas and any custom areas you configure.
    • Certifications: Certifications  are a unique category within the Library. You can browse certifications from various vendors and select channels focused on presenting targeted content for a particular certification path. You only see certifications in the library if you are entitled to them.
    • Aspire Journeys:  This category groups all  Aspire journeys  for easy access.
    • Career journeys:  This category contains any Career journeys to which you are entitled.
    • Collections:  This category showcases content contained in a specific collection to which you are entitled. It helps you easily see what is popular and newly added to the site.
    • Showcase:  This cateogory contains the  Live Course Calendar,  Skill Benchmarks,  Skillsoft Bootcamps,  Leadercamps  and  Live Events  that display if you are entitled to the content.
  • Areas:  broad groupings of content that display under the standard or custom categories. Areas are listed alphabetically in the library under their category.
  • Subject:  topic-level grouping of content that display under an area.Select an area to see its subjects.
  • Channels:   Channels  are the core building blocks of the library. A channel further refines the subject into sub-topics of related content presented in an organized way.
  • Aspire journeys:  Journeys are structured learning paths which provide content to achieve the skills for a specific job role or function.
  • Content:  Content includes  courses,  videos,  books,  book summaries,  audiobooks,  audio summaries,  live courses,  Skill Benchmarks,  Practice Labs,  TestPreps  and any  custom content  your admin adds.


elevateU  is a great supplement to instructor led training and other tools. It is accessible 24/7 and the resources vary in the length of time they take to complete. You can stop a course at any time and it will be bookmarked for you, you can go back and look at something again as often as you’d like, and there are written materials to support your learning. elevateU provides a flexible alternative to meet your development needs in a practical way.
Audiobook versions are available for some but not all books, there are also audio versions of Executive Book Summaries.

Yes! Mobile learning is now available for elevateU. Resources can be accessed anywhere, anytime using the Percipio application for Android and iOS devices. 

To download the elevateU Learning App:
1. Search for Percipio in your phone/tablet’s app store;
2. Download and open the app;
3. Select Use Corporate Credentials

4. Enter elevateu in the Site Name field
5. Login with your MSU NetID and password.

Occasionally, having other applications open on the desktop can affect course performance. It is recommended that you close all non-essential applications when playing courses. Having multiple windows or tabs of ElevateU open at the same time will interfere with access to the content library.

From the home page, select the My Profile menu from the upper right corner. The bottom of that menu will include a Help option. From here, learners can initiate a live support chat, initiate a service ticket, and access a library of help materials for self-directed learning.

For support from the system administrators at MSU, contact avphr.hrdmail@msu.edu