Travel guidance Framework: Domestic and international

Travel is an important part of MSU’s research, education, and outreach missions. The Reopening Campus Taskforce Travel Subcommittee has developed a travel guidance framework that has been approved by Drs. Weismantel, Beauchamp, and President Stanley. The "goalposts" in developing guidance and tools can be found at

The most updated travel guidance for both international and domestic travel is found at: Guidance is provided for both inbound and outbound travel. 

Waiver Process

You will see that a waiver process has been established for essential outbound travel. International travel waivers will be implemented at the university level. Please note that the waiver process for outbound domestic travel (except student groups) will be reviewed and approved at the Major Administrative Unit (MAU) level.  Each MAU will be responsible for implementing the approved domestic travel guidance framework.

Travel waivers will be approved as follows:

  • Domestic travel – waiver completed via PDF and approved according to the MAU signature list (or delegate)
  • International travel – waiver completed online and approved according to protocol outlined here.

International Travel Framework

An international travel framework has been established to help units make decisions about these forms. 

All inbound MSU travelers must comply with the MSU protocols for inbound travelers which may trigger self-quarantine/isolation depending point of origin. Inbound travelers are responsible for self-monitoring and enforcement.

This travel site and framework are designed to be adaptive as the situation changes here and around the world. Please refer back to the travel site for the most up-to-date information and guidance.


If you have any questions about the waiver process, please direct any questions to