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Changes to MSU Student Health Insurance Plans

Beginning July 2, 2020, there will be changes to the MSU student health insurance plans (SHIP). For those eligible to waive coverage for the MSU SHIP, the waiver system will be changing. MSU will be moving the waiver system from StuInfo to Relation, a third party vendor and affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Students should be familiar with the Relation website as it is what they use today to enroll in coverage.

Another change to the MSU SHIP pertains to international student coverage. International students at Michigan State University have long been required to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled in MSU’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students previously had the option to waive out of the SHIP if they had privately obtained health insurance coverage that met the University's waiver requirements. Privately obtained health insurance plans often cover less than the MSU SHIP and exclude coverage for common health events experienced by college students.

In recent years, international students with private coverage have experienced financial hardship and barriers to health care access, resulting in threats to academic success and student well-being. The MSU SHIP is comprehensive and compliant with the Affordable Care Act, ensuring that international Spartans are fully protected in the event of a health care emergency.

Starting fall 2020, international students will be required to keep the MSU SHIP, without a waiver option for most studentshowever, due to the COVID-19 health care crisis, the University recognizes many international students may remain outside the U.S. for the fall semester. If you are an international student and you fall into this situation, you may be allowed to waive the MSU SHIP for the fall semester. Find more information about which international students are eligible to waive coverage.

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