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Coronavirus Resources for Prescriptions

As updates regarding the coronavirus develop, refilling medications is a wise precaution. MSU's prescription drug plan is administered through CVS Caremark, and MSU Pharmacy on campus is a CVS-preferred pharmacy. They want to ensure you have access to needed medications, including in emergency situations. To help you and your family during this outbreak, please note the following resources:  

  1. MSU Pharmacy Offers 90-day Supply of Prescriptions: MSU Pharmacy as a CVS-preferred pharmacy, is always able to fill 90-day supply of most prescriptions under the MSU prescription insurance plans. 

Questions? Please contact CVS Caremark Customer Care at 800-565-7105 or visit the CVS Caremark website. Find more information about MSU Pharmacy on their website or call the Clinical Center Pharmacy at 517-353-4930 or Olin Pharmacy at 517-353-9165.