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MSU temporarily Waives Limit for Excused Unpaid Time off

The health and safety of the MSU community remains one the university’s top priorities. Effective immediately, the university is waiving the ten-day limit for excused unpaid time off through the end of May. This means employees can take unpaid time off (with supervisor approval) without fear of losing benefits in May.

Employees without vacation, personal, or sick time accruals will be allowed to use excused unpaid time and those who choose to go unpaid rather than use vacation, personal or sick time accruals will be allowed to do so.

Previously, employees were allowed to use up to ten “excused unpaid” days per fiscal year with supervisor approval. Once employees used these ten days, they would be in jeopardy of being moved to an unpaid leave of absence, which would make them ineligible for health care in May. Temporarily waiving the ten-day limit through May will ensure employees who receive MSU contributions to health care, basic life insurance, and dental coverage will continue to do so through the month of May. Employees who pay a share of their benefits would still be required to do so once they start using excused unpaid time.

Supervisors and unit administrators can enter the excused unpaid time code in EBS when entering time for those employees who have been approved to use this. Find more details in this recent communication to Deans/Directors/Chairpersons, Supervisors, and HR Representatives . Contact the HR Solutions Center if you have questions about this information at or 517-353-4434.