Adobe Interactive

Mac Computers and Forms

Applies to users of Mac computers, Linux, and all mobile devices
Applies to Unit Administrators
for Support Staff and Faculty/Academic Staff
Applies to EBS Unit HR/Payroll Approver

Over the past few years Human Resources has been converting 35 Adobe-based forms to a format that will work on any supported browser. Currently, they require Microsoft Edge using Internet Explorer mode, which is only available on Windows. 

Five forms remain that will not have been converted prior to the June 15, 2022 end of Internet Explorer. The target is for these to be completed by fall of 2023.

The forms are:

  • Support Staff Leave of Absence
  • Faculty/Acadmic Staff Leave of Absence

Your Options to Initiate or Approve these forms:

  • Use the MSU Virtual Desktop
    • If you receive the message "The attempted logon is invalid..."
    • Click "OK" on the error message
    • Choose "Other User" at lower left
    • Then sign in with your MSU NetID and password
  • Install Windows on your computer using VMware (Parallels is not supported by the vendor)
  • Use a Windows machine in your department