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Michigan State University HR/Payroll Application

This online statement is intended to inform you of the ways in which the HR/Payroll application collects and uses information.

Third Party Tracking Technology

The HR/Payroll application uses a tracking technology called Google Analytics to obtain usage information such as users’ Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, Internet domain and host names, browser software, and the date and time that the application is visited. Data obtained through Google Analytics does not include and is not linked to any personal information. Data from Google Analytics allows us to monitor the use of this application, understand how users find our application, and improve the Human Resources/Payroll application’s function and content.

Application usage data collected through Google Analytics is not shared with other Google products and tools. Our use of Google Analytics is in compliance with Google’s Terms of Service and the MSU Access to Student Information Guidelines. Google provides more information about Google's privacy practices and information on how to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking of your web browsing. You may also wish to review the MSU Access to Student Information Guidelines.

Server Logs

Our web servers routinely generate logs that contain the following types of information each time the application is used:

  • The date, time and length of your visit.
  • The path taken through our application and the browser being used.
  • The list of files downloaded and the amount of time spent viewing video or audio files.
  • The IP Address of the computer accessing the application (if provided by your internet provider.)
  • Any errors encountered.

This information is used to monitor the functioning and integrity of the Human Resources/Payroll application.