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Personal Profile Accessibility

Accessibility Tips

There are ten sections in this page. NVDA will automatically enter forms mode on this page.  It is recommended that you change to Browse Mode  (NVDA key and spacebar) in this application.

Review of Personal Profile

Browse Mode is recommended for this application. Upon entering the application, change to Browse Mode (NVDA key and spacebar) to the use of the H key (for headings) or F6 key to jump between groups.  Once on a group heading, use the up and down arrow keys to read the fields in the group.

Changing Personal Profile

In Browse Mode the edit icon reads as "edit graphic."  In Focus Mode it will read as "edit link" but will skip surrounding text information. 

Once in an edit screen, return to Browse Mode (NVDA key and spacebar).  The Control and Home keys together will start the reading at the top of the page content.

To change values in a combo box use Focus Mode (NVDA key and spacebar) to select the values. After changing the field, return to Browse Mode (NVDA key and spacebar) to hear additional instructions.

The toolbar is located before the form. The fastest path to get to the toolbar to save changes is to leave forms mode (NVDA key and spacebar), then use the NVDA key and F7 to call up the elements list. Navigating to the top heading will bring you to the toolbar just after it.

To read paragraph text, remember to switch screen reader to browse mode. 

After checking checkboxes under "personalization," use the table search function in browse mode to navigate to the next table.