Here is what you need to know about the July 18, 2021 update of the EBS Portal:

New Features

Logoff and Navigation "Home" Have Moved

With the July 18, 2021 update of the EBS Portal, the sign out process (inside the icon with your name) is located on the right end of the page header. 

Here you will also find a streamlined place to adjust portal settings, see history, and arrange the tiles to your preference. 

Additionally, the MSU Logo replaces a dedicated "Home" icon to return to the EBS Portal Landing Page

Additional Navigation Options after Initiating a Form 

After initiating a form or saving a draft, select Human Resources forms (see list below) offer the options to

  • initiate another form of the same type
  • go to the HR/Payroll Inbox
  • go to the EBS Portal landing page (as before)

This will be helpful in cases where you have numerous transactions of the same type to process (e.g  student hires). You will find this new feature with:

  • Post Temporary or On-Call Position
  • Temporary & On-Call: Hire and Change of Status
  • Graduate Assistant: Hire and Change of Status
  • Undergraduate Assistant: Hire and Change of Status
  • Student Hire
  • Termination
  • Course Fee Courtesy


Close Additional Tabs


When working with forms from the HR/Payroll Inbox, sometimes a second tab is opened. In Internet Explorer, attempting to navigate in any tab other than the original can result in errors.

Action to Take

It is recommended that you always close the second tab when done processing the particular form or draft that opened the tab. 

Settings for Internet Explorer


Remember, when managing attachments or downloads in the EBS Portal, private (inPrivate, Incognito) browsing cannot be used. You may receive an error about private browsing in Internet Explorer but are not using private browsing.

Action to Take

Make sure you have Internet Explorer set to allow caching.