Second Login

During the transition to the New MSU Unified Login Experience, some tiles in the EBS Portal will require a second login screen. These tiles are no longer on the same login system as the EBS Portal itself, thus preventing Single Sign-On (SSO).

Screenshot of Sentinel Login forms

[If you are getting a prompt just to go through Multi-Factor credentials again, visit our Multi-Factor prompt page for information on how to control that.]

Will this always happen?

You may not encounter a second login if you have already established a Single Sign-On (SSO) session by logging into other applications that still use Sentinel for login.

What are the affected tiles?

These tiles still use the Sentinel login (URL starting with

  • Donate to MSU with Payroll Deductions
  • Educational Assistance System

Screenshot of Donate to MSU and Educational Assistance tiles

Tiles that use Landing Pages

Additionally, the tiles below take you to a landing page, from there you can click through to Single Sign-On:

  • Ability Training Compliance
    (Select "NetID Login")
  • Handshake
    (Select "Michigan State University Sign On")
  • Careers @ MSU
    (Select "Applicant Login", then "Next")
  • U-Track
    (Navigating through to certain links will initiate Single Sign-On)

No Single Sign-On

Finally, MSU Benefits Plus does not use Single Sign-On; you will need to create your own account.