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Leave of Absence/Leave return


From Actions

  1. Select HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions.
  2. Choose Process a Leave of Absence or Leave Return.
  3. From Select Employee type, choose the applicable employee type.
  4. Enter Effective Date of the action.
  5. Enter or search for personnel number (PERNR).
  6. Select the Leave Action (Paid or Unpaid) and the Leave Reason from the dropdown of available reasons.
  7. Enter Estimated Leave End Date or End Date.
  8. Click Compute Cost Distribution.
  9. Required attachments: Click the + (plus sign) to attach the corresponding documents (when applicable).
  10. Click the Send button to start the form through workflow.

After completion or review of variations you can click the house to return home, log out if you are finished or use the search to find another application. 


  • After step 5, answer Yes to the question, "Are you processing a Leave Return?"
    • Enter Leave Return Date.
    • Resume at Step 10.
  • After step 5, anser No to the question, "Are you processing a Leave Return?", then answer Yes to "Are you changing or cancelling an existing leave?"
    • Select which Leave/Return Action you are editing.
    • Select Reason for editing the leave/return.
  • At step 8, click Edit Cost Distribution.
    • Complete Cost Distribution.
    • Resume at Step 9.