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  1. Answer affidavit question(s) by selecting the appropriate radio button(s).
  2. Click Next.
  3. Pop-up appears which provides text to inform you whether or not your spouse/OEI is required to enroll in his/her employer’s health plan.
  4. Click Save if you are satisfied with your selections from Step 1. (Click Close if you need to change your selections from Step 1 and repeat steps 1-3.)
  5. Message appears stating your responses have been saved. Click Close. 

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.


What is the health plan affidavit? 

The health plan affidavit is required annually each Open Enrollment and during life events to confirm whether or not your spouse/OEI has access to affordable coverage through their employer.  Based on the responses you select, MSU may require your spouse to enroll in health coverage through his/her employer. 

Why do I only see one question?

If you have selected No as a response to the first question, the second question dynamically disappears as this question is no longer relevant.

Why is my spouse/OEI required to enroll with his/her employer?

MSU requires your spouse/OEI to enroll with his/her employer if they have access to employee only insurance for $850 or less annually.  Based on your responses to the affidavit questions, your spouse/OEI must enroll in health coverage with their employer but they are still eligible to be enrolled on your health insurance through MSU as a secondary plan.

How can I validate that my health plan affidavit responses were saved?

Health Plan Affidavit responses are displayed on the benefits confirmation statement.  This statement is emailed to you upon the completion of benefits enrollment and can be viewed and/or printed anytime in the Benefit Participation application.

Accessibility Tips

It is recommended that Browse Mode (NVDA key and spacebar) be used for this application and its dialog boxes.