Earnings Statements - Extended Reference Guide

To view or print Earnings Statements

To view, select a Pay Date from the list displayed in the left pane.  The most recent Pay Date information is already selected and that Statement is displayed. 

earnings statement

The left pane displays the most recent Pay Dates.  To display additional Pay Dates, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on More and additional Pay Dates will display. 


To print, click the Printable .pdf (Adobe) graphic located in the lower, right corner of the screen. The Earnings Statement will open in a “new” window.  Use the printer graphic on the Adobe toolbar to print.  If the Adobe toolbar does not display, click F8 to open the toolbar at the top of the screen.  Close the window to return to Earnings Statements. 

printable pdf link

Earnings Statements show a Quota Overview that is a snapshot in time on the day the payroll was processed. Anything entered or approved after the processing date will not be reflected.