Courses For Employees at msu


  1. Click on "Browse Current Courses".
  2. Click on "Organization and Professional Development".
  3. Click on folder of interest or "All Current Courses".
  4. From list of available courses, click on course you are interested in.
  5. Click your preferred "course date".
  6. Click on "Request Participation".
  7. Click "Ok" to confirm participation or booking.
  8. Select "Method of Payment" from Payment Options.
  9. Select "Ok" from Payment Options. 


  • Step 2, click on "Technology Training by MSU IT".
  • Step 5, if there are no course dates or the dates are not suitable  you can add to Wish List.
  • Step 6, or click on "Book".
  • Step 6, select "cancel" to cancel request participation.
  • Step 8, If course is "Free"  payment method is not necessary. 
  • Step 8, selecting "Educational Assistance or Department Account Number" require "Account (Fund)" be entered. 
  • Step 8, selecting "Cash or Check" require payment is made on day of course.
  • Step 8, select "Cancel" to cancel Payment Options.


Book - Take a course that does not require approval.

Favorites - A convenient way to keep track of courses, qualifications, groups of courses, curricula, and other items in which you are interested.

Request participation - Take a course that requires approval from a supervisor.

Top Ten - The courses that have had the highest enrollment during the past 3 months, and requests in the next 3 months.

Wait List - Book a course that is full in case space opens up. If someone cancels, you will be moved into the course.

Wish List - Save a course in which you are interested. You will be notified on screen when new dates for the course are offered.

Accessibility Tips

The NVDA screen reader is recommended with the Firefox ESR browser for this application. Focus Mode works throughout the entire application. However, headings in some pages are only read in Browse mode.

For other, general tips using screen readers, visit the Accessibility Center.

Calendar of Upcoming Courses

The Calendar of Upcoming Courses is formatted as a table, which is color-coded, but read by the screen reader. Tabbing through the screen will take you to a legend for the colors before you enter the table.

  • “Sea green” means that you are booked into the course for that date.
  • “Gray 25%” means that a course is available that day.

While in a cell with either color, use the enter key to go to that course’s detail to learn more and book the course. (Alternatively, use the spacebar to select the cell, then the “Go to Course Details” button.)