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Payroll Schedules

All employees at MSU are paid either monthly or biweekly. Each pay period contains several
significant dates:

  • Pay Begin Date: Date pay period begins; first date for which time is recorded.
  • Pay End Date: Date pay period ends; last date for which time is recorded.
  • HR Cutoff Date: Any applicable complete and fully approved Human Resources forms must be received by 5:00PM on this date.
  • Time Due Date: Date by which time must be approved.
  • Check Date: Date on which check or payment is made to employee.

Payroll schedules can be found on the Payroll page on the Controller’s web site. The Controller’s web site at contains a wealth of information about financial policies and procedures, including payroll, at MSU. 

Note that the deadlines above apply to the pay period in question. Many actions can be taken retroactively and will automatically apply to the next pay period. For example, if an employee’s pay increase is not fully approved by the deadline for the pay period in which the change becomes effective, it is automatically picked up during the next pay period and any adjustments appear on the employee’s next pay.