Bank Information

(Direct Deposit or PayCard)

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your payroll cycle, changes to your bank information may not take effect until your next pay date.


  1. Click the edit (pencil) graphic.
  2. Bank Information Editable fields:
      1. Routing Number (number available from bank statement or personal check) 
      2. Account Number
      3. Account Type (choose Savings or Checking from dropdown)
      4. Payment Method (choose Direct Deposit (ACH) from dropdown)
      5. Employee Authorization (must be selected to save changes)
      6. PayCard Request (select to request a PayCard; a request will be sent to Payroll)
  3. Check the box for “Employee Authorization”
  4.  Click on Save and Back to save changes.
  5.  A confirmation message “Data saved successfully” will appear.
  6.  Click on Cancel to exit the screen if no changes are made. 

For your protection, a confirmation of “An update to your Payroll Direct Deposit record” will be sent immediately via email; a subsequent email will be sent four days later.

After completion or review of variations you can click the house to return home, log out if you are finished or use the search to find another application.

Messages and Errors:

  • “Bank key is invalid” (occurs when Routing Number entered in error).
  • Bank Acct. No. xxxxxxx must contain only numbers” (alpha characters are not allowed).
  • “Employee Authorization must be confirmed to save changes” (box must be checked before clicking on Save and Back).
  • To clear error message and start over, click on Cancel and OK.

Accessibility Tips

  •  Use browse mode to read headings and text under each category (e.g. Bank Information).
  • To read paragraph text, remember to switch to browse mode.
  • After checking checkboxes under "personalization," use the table search function in browse mode ("t") to navigate to the next table.